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Welcome to
Wireshape Docs

Welcome to
Wireshape Docs

Shape the Future of Transparency in the Supply Chain

Open Enterprise Blockchain

Embracing the principles of inclusivity, transparency and collaboration, Wireshape stands out as an open network. By enabling open access, Wireshape fosters innovation and democratizes the flow of information across its platform.

Supply Chain Solutions

Whether you're building decentralized marketplaces, supply chain tracking solutions, or innovative dApps for enhanced product transparency, Wireshape provides the tools and infrastructure you need to bring your vision to life.

Community Engagement

We break free from the shackles of centralized control. Wireshape fosters a collaborative ecosystem where manufacturers, retailers and consumers actively participate in data enrichment and validation, leveraging shared ownership and mutual trust.

Eco Friendly Blockchain Network

By choosing the Proof of Authority consensus mechanism, we not only significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with blockchain operations, but also ensure fast transaction processing and increased network reliability.

Expanded Developer Ecosystem

Wireshape's adoption of EVM compatibility opens its doors to developers experienced in Solidity and other Ethereum-centric development languages, tools, and practices, contributing to a more robust and diverse ecosystem of applications.

WIRE Utility Token

WIRE is the native token of Wireshape blockchain network, necessary for various purposes within the network, including gas fee coverage, rewards for block validators and data contributors, governance, as well as access to exclusive services.